Why not look around and see what you are ready to
toss out that might be made into art.  You may be
pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
24” outside diameter  13” face diameter
If you know an artist or art teacher you may find that
they save things that seem like totally useless trash to
anyone else.  What is trash to others is raw material for
them or things of interest that stimulate their creativity.
This project is about challenging our creativity by
making something out of nothing or trash into art.  This
Sun Face wall hanging was made out of a large straw
disc that used to be a flat basket until the edges came
apart.  You probably have such things around the
house or perhaps you’ll see something like it at a
garage sale or flea market.  You might find such a straw
disc in the floral department of your craft store or if you
are determined you could make your own radiating
sunburst background with long grass or even sticks or
vines woven together in the center.
Once you have found your round then your creativity
comes into play.  You may see something other than a
face in your disc.  A different artisan might have
woven string through each radiating straw or maybe
used it as a background for an arrangement of
artificial or straw flowers.  It could also have been
used as part of a bigger collage of natural material.  
For art teachers, this can be made into a lesson that
not only inspires creativity in your students but
teaches a lesson in recycling and reuse.  It might be a
fun assignment to gather unusual and seemingly
useless items and ask the students to make something
from them to see just how clever they can be.
Here the radiating straw already resembled a
sunburst so adding the face wasn’t a great creative
leap.  With my trusty glue gun I made this smiling face
with the addition of a miniature pinecone ring to form
the face circle.  A larger curved pinecone made a fine
proud nose.  The eye beds are made from  
unidentified pod hulls, the lashes from the smallest
pinecones I have ever seen.  The pupils are large
acorn caps and the brows a strange curly hull or pod
part of some unknown plant.  

This happy character is a fun touch to a balcony or
porch and fortunately it is not so appreciated by the
wildlife that they destroy your handiwork.  While it may
be safe from visiting critters, all art and textiles
should be protected from the elements.  Although I
leave this wall decoration out year round my balcony
has a southern exposure and is enclosed on five
Tiny, tiny pinecones
used for eyelashes.
Acorn cap eyes
Strange curly plant
part or bark
shavings that curled
as they dried used
for eyebrows.
Seed hulls or wood
chips used for eye
beds and smiling lips.
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