Taylor Tinkerings is the Website for artsy, craftsy, clever
people who want to “do it themselves”, or at least “try their
hand”.  Here we will be tinkering at all types of things.
Though I have a degree in Art and Art Education, I have
never really thought of myself as an artist.  The artists I knew
were constantly doodling in their notebooks, sketching or
creating.  Then one day they picked a medium and the ones
who chose to paint became painters and the ceramicists
became glued to their wheels while I never did find my
artistic nitch.
I got my first set of oil paints and easel one Christmas when I
was no more than seven, my parents’ effort to steer me in an
artistic direction.  One day they saw a little pencil sketch I
had done of someone’s face and were convinced I was a
budding DaVinci.  As it turned out,  they were right… in a
way.  DaVinci, his master art work aside, is an icon of
tinkerers everywhere.  A scientist, mathematician, engineer,
inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist,
musician and writer, he is easily considered the most
diversely talented person who ever lived.  Now I am a bit
more Curious George than DaVinci and like both have a good
many projects that turn out disastrously… but I keep on
So come and tinker with me.  We will explore many arts,
crafts and hobbies and the materials and techniques
involved.  There will also be home decorating and household
projects, shopping, product reviews, collecting, repair and
maintenance and even apartment and balcony gardening.  
We are going to tinker in the kitchen a bit too with a little
cooking and freezing... there is really no telling what a
tinkerer might be doing next so please check in with us
Our site is about everyday living for the common folk, who
must satisfy their creative pursuits within the confines of
limited space and limited resources.  We will be working
without a staff of hundreds or a hundred thousand dollar
workshop or kitchen.  
A true Tinkerer is one who tries his hand at everything.  
They experiment and invent and improve upon…  the
consummate dabblers of the world.  If its broken, they try to
fix it and if you think its perfect they can improve upon it.  
They can turn cheap and unremarkable things into works of
art and, while making it better, make it uniquely their own.
While the term “tinkering” is not used that often it refers to
the activities of taking existing things and improving them.  
This often stems from necessity, that old “mother of
invention”.  Today… times being what they are… the time for
tinkering has come.
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