This album is dedicated to my good friend Carolyn who has been my
crafting buddy and fellow tinkerer for 32 years.  She only comes to
visit once a month so we have had only 384 days to gather, plan, and
execute... and she wonders why we don't get more done.  Most of the
ornaments in this album are gifts from her.
A collection of Christmas things to awaken
memories, inspire ideas and to just enjoy.
Besides holiday celebrations Taylor Tinkerings will explore
many arts, crafts and hobbies and the materials and
techniques involved.  There will also be home decorating and
household projects, shopping, product reviews, collecting,
repair and maintenance and even apartment and balcony
gardening.  We are going to tinker in the kitchen a bit too with
a little cooking and freezing.  Our site is about everyday living
for the common folk, who must satisfy their creative pursuits
without a staff of hundreds or hundred thousand dollar
workshops or kitchens.  
Taylor Tinkerings welcomes you to our new Website for
artsy, craftsy, clever people who want to “do it themselves”,
or at least “try their hand”.   We chose to begin at this time
of year because Christmas is the ultimate “do it yourself”
time, but come the new year we will start tinkering here,
there and everywhere.  
Please look in on us often to see what
we’re up to… but for now...