A good five years after originally finding the motion
Santas and elves and long after giving up hope of ever
finding another, I was wandering through my favorite
store and happened upon these wonderful elf dolls.  
While they didn't  move, they did light up and I felt they
would compliment my motion dolls wonderfully as the
detail of their faces was so similar.   They were an inch or
two shorter than my motion figures, but aren’t elves
supposed to be?  Besides that didn’t seem to be an
issue in that my Santa and other elves were sitting while
these were standing so they all appeared to be the same

They only came in two styles of faces with either white
beards or red.  There seemed to be little rationale to their
costumes or to whether they carried a candle or a
lantern.  To minimize redundancies I simply tinkered with
their assigned chores.  Originally two came with a candy
cane, two carried a mail bag and two a toy sack.  While I
kept one of each, I assigned the duplicate three to carry
packages, a tree or a wreath so that no two are alike.