1996 – Debut Dancer
was the First Issue in the Tobin
Fraley Carousel Horse series.  
This Edition was limited to 20,000
1997- Graceful Steed
by Tobin Fraley and Enesco.  
It is one of Enesco’s Treasury
Masterpiece Editions.  
Production was limited to 1997
and originally retailed for $20.  
Height: 4 ¼”    Width: 3 ¾
The two carousel horse ornaments on this page were done for
Enesco by Tobin Fraley, a renown artist in the area of Carousel

Carousels and their restoration was a family business begun
when Fraley’s parents inherited an amusement park carousel
from their father.  Tobin completed a year long apprenticeship
with a woodcarver and afterwards returned to his parents'
carousel art business and began his career in carousel horse

In 1990 Enesco began a Carousel Horse series that ended in
1997 after the 2 designs created for them by Tobin Fraley.  
They are made of Artplas which is Enesco’s own moldable
poly material that, while durable, is not a rigid plastic but a
semi - pliable substance very much resembling rubber in its
nature.  Enesco, headquartered in Itasca, Ill.,  is a global leader
in the giftware and home and garden décor industries.