I love all things miniature.  I love to look at doll houses
though my bear hut is as near as I've gotten to actually
building one.  I have built an entire little town with a tiny
trolley that rolls through ever few seconds and a few years
ago added a skating rink with people that skate around.  I
have built a model of the old family homestead and have
several miniature carousels both bought and built.  

Christmas is a great time for miniaturists if the many
Christmas Villages sold and the multiple manufactures of
them is any indication.  I, alas, restricted by space and purse
have never gotten involved in collecting the grand porcelain
buildings of say, a Department 56.  The little cottage
ornament above is probably as close as I'll get to a ceramic
village, but still I love to see its little window glowing in the
forest of pine.  Right now all I have is a cardboard village but
its lit houses shine through the entire season and succeed
in transporting me to a three dimensional Currier and Ives
vintage town.  
This is a particularly lovely
contribution from my friend
John.  I call it my glitter Santa
because it certainly does do
that.  I can't imagine what it is
made of  for though it is at
least 9 inches in height it is
as light as a feather, light
enough to be
accommodated by and
ornament spinner.

I have employed a great
many ornament spinners on
my tree for the two sided
figures that should be
viewed from all angles.  
When turned on, the tree
starts turning, lights flash,
ornaments move or spin,
bells begin ringing out carols
and the whole tree seems to
magically come alive.
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If an Everything Tree is a
diary of one's life,
reflecting your interests
and hobbies, mine
certainly wouldn't be
complete without a few
Teddy bears.  I have an
extensive collection of
bears of every shape and
size.  These are just three
little cuties dressed for the
season.  A Christmas frock
and red sweaters weren't
enough so they've been
adorned  with a few trappings.   COMING SOON -  I will be
devoting at least a page to my collection of miniature Teddy
Bears and their hutch.