Here two girlfriends are
enjoying a Christmas party.  
My friend Carolyn and I think of
this as our signature ornament
because it reminds us so of
the two of us chowing down
on Christmas goodies and
imbibing in a "bit of cheer".
One year the two of us even
attempted a Wassail punch for
our annual get together.
Good times.   
You may wonder what this pitiful
ornament is doing in this collection.  It is
one of mine and Carolyn's first attempts
at making hand made Christmas
ornaments.  I believe it was our last too.  
We made a series of four ornaments -
this sailboat, a locomotive, a car and a
larger masted ship.  The medium was
balsa wood and the project was made
extremely difficult since we had no tacky
glue or glue guns.   Our projects have
become a good deal more challenging
with the years.  
What else can you do with
clear glass ornaments left
over from the bejeweled
glowing glass project?  This
is a variation on the theme.  I
stuffed this ball with a  
multi-colored  translucent
streamer or gift packing
material that you may find at
New Years.  Once it was
packed, I inserted two midget
lights causing it to have a
strange and mysterious glow.
I believe it is comes from
Icelandic lore that a bird
nest found in your
Christmas tree will bring
the household luck for the
entire year.  I take no
chances and have bird
nests in all trees I decorate
and several other places
too.  All are real nests even
if the tree isn't.  
While I have tinkered a bit in
needlework I have never
had the nerve to do
counted cross stitch.  This
masterpiece was done by
one of my ladies at a senior
residential facility I used to
manage.  Many of them
were experts with the
needles, hoops and hooks  
and would make the most
professional looking things
in what seemed like no time.
This is just for fun.  It comes
from my wooden ornament
period and is such a  
peculiar design.  My first
apartment tree was mostly
painted wooden
ornaments.  I still use some
in my kitchen that came  
from paint by number kit
from Lee Wards.  
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