Most crafty people have a collection of cheap
jewelry, don’t they?  Maybe it’s the artist in me or I’m
just a hoarder by nature or maybe the two go hand
in hand but I save every leftover scrap from every
project I’ve ever worked on.  My living space is very
limited so I have to be clever when storing it but nine
times out of ten I do find use for everything down the

These ornaments made grand use of my
surplus supplies.  They were made with
tissue paper strips
Mod Podged onto a
clear glass ornament.  Cut your tissue
paper strips to resemble the outside
edges of a flattened orange segment.  Or
if you have a globe handy, you can look
at one of its sections and note how each
segment meets at the north and south
pole.  At the left is an illustration of the
shape you are aiming for.  
The artist, however, does not need to be so
exacting as the globe maker in cutting gores.  I
know I surely wasn’t in making these ornaments.  
Some of my segments were thin and others thicker.  
Some of my strips are hem facing which also
becomes translucent once covered in Mod Podge.   

Then I glued velvet ribbon, cord, chain or whatever  
looked pleasing to cover the seam where each
segment meets.  The aim is to make sure no clear
spots show.  

To hang them on the tree I gatherrd two nearby
midget lights and stuff them one at a time inside the
ornament.  Once inside they tangle and butterfly out
so as to hold the ornament sufficiently in place.