I live in Northeastern Ohio and we have a chain of stores
called Marc's.  A quarter to a half of each store is
devoted to their closeout department and I swear every
treasure I ever happened onto came from Marc's.  Back
when I got out more, I would shop there 3 or 4 times a
week because they would get the most miraculous
things in and would sell them at unbelievably low prices.
 Problem is, you best have the money in your pocket
because if you don't buy what you see when you see it,
you'll never see it again.  

I found these particular gems somewhere between 1990
and 95, along with a couple of the motion Santas.  I'd
never seen these dolls before and haven't seen one
 There was no name of a manufacturer though
there was a made-in-China label on the bottom of their
boots that I have since peeled off.  Each doll has two
pigtails that plug into a midget light set.  One pigtail
lights a bulb in or near one of their hands and the other
puts them in motion.  Their little heads turn from one
side to the other while their arms go up and down.

It is not that I am a doll collector but when I saw these it
took me back to many childhood Christmases when my
parents would dress us up and take us downtown to
see the decorations and do our shopping.  One of the
many spectacles was the motion window displays the
large department stores put up with their beautiful
moving figures.  It was a wonderful memory lost now to
the younger generations.  We don't have any major
department stores downtown any longer.  

The "artist elf" is pretty much the way he was when I
purchased him except for the addition of the painting in
his lap.   I made a clipboard complete with plans and
added the sled  for the "worker" elf .  When the tree
lights go on he actually lifts the clipboard to study and
then as his head turns his other arm lifts the sled for him
to inspect his work.  He's my mascot tinkerer.